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2016 Category 2 RFP
Thank you for your interest in our two projects at Canton Local.  The Canton South High School(CSHS) project is for equipment, installation, and initial configuration.  The CSHS project completion date is May 2017 and scheduling of install will take place between the Canton Local tech department and Construction Contractor, Knoch Corporation.  The Faircrest Memorial Middle School(FMMS) project is for equipment, installation, wiring, and initial configuration.  The FMMS project will need to be completed between June 1 through August 1, 2016.

These were the questions addressed during the Walkthrough conducted at FMMS on March 22 at 10:00am.

  • Why Cat6a?
    •  Our new CSHS will be wired with Cat6a and we want to match that as our district standard.
  • What specs are wanted on the Caching Server as a minimum?
    • 3 - 500GB drives, 15k RPM with 16MB
  • Basic room layout at FMMS?
    • 2 data drops per room
      • 1 in middle of the ceiling
      • 1 low for teacher
    • using J hooks when necessary
  • Fiber connecting closets?
    • 6 pair between each of the three closets, 12 strands.
  • 4 outdoor WAPs for FMMS
    • will need to bore through block
  • Palo Alto
    • Standard Service
  • Patch Panels?
    • only 48 port

Other FAQ's
Provide information of fiber link between Faircrest Middle School and Canton South High School.

  • The fiber run between our High School and Middle School is about .5 mile. There are 12 pair of OM3 single mode between the buildings. Here are the specs: ADSS Mini-Span® 424 - 24 12 2 w/12 (3 fillers) AE0249C520AA4

What are you currently using for your WLAN?

  • Both the middle and high school are using Aruba for the WAPs.

Is this a new project or an expansion?

  • The Faircrest project is a gut and refresh. Our new high school is a year from completion, therefore the bid for this building is for purchase and install of equipment only.

How many buildings are you looking to install WiFi in?

  • Faircrest and Canton South

Any sort of initiatives? (guest access, 1:1, BYOD, online testing)

  • Our Extreme NAC  is in place for network security. Our district is currently 1:1 in grades 5-12, approximately 1700 computers in circulation.  

 Desired outcome?

  • We are looking for a robust network that connects us to our current Extreme system at our elementary.